We, that's David Pauritsch and Felix Hofer, are the founders of Simply Aviation. Both of us are very passionate aviation enthusiasts and we love to travel, especially by air! And luckily we get travel a lot by plane, in 2016 we had a combined 175 flights on more than 40 different airlines. That's when we started to actively work on Simply Aviation as a way to share our experiences of travelling with all those different airlines. Until today one of our goals is to share videos about as many different airlines as possible.



We published five YouTube videos per week solely about air travel. Of those five videos two are “Tripreports”. A Tripreport is a 10-20min video about the experience of travelling with a certain airline. More information about our Tripreports can be found below. Additionally, once a week we post each, a video just about the hard product of an airline, a take off or landing filmed out of the video and a video with a varying theme.



YouTube Video Clicks per month (2016)




Nobody on the internet published as many flight reviews as we do. Every Wednesday and Friday a new video is published which is watched by more than 10.000 people within the first 24 hours. Most of the reports keep growing as times passes with some videos totaling 200.000 views and more! As of February 2017, we have published Tripreport of flights with more than 40 different airlines and 30+ additional coming this year.

Nowadays, if you want to find out more about the cabin of a certain airline you will come across tons of edited pictures and video animations, but nothing real. And we want to change that with our Tripreports. The videos we post are not extremly high quality and that's on purpose. We want to authentically share what it's really like to travel with a certain airline.

Our Tripreports are in English and do not feature a person talking. All the work is done by subtitles. Those subtitles are very informal and personal resulting in the audience feeling like they are travelling with a friend who points out all the features and special moments of the flight. We have received numerous comments of viewers telling us that after watching one of our Tripreports they felt like they have been aboard the flight themselves, which is our utmost goal.

We want to combine information and entertainment and if you look through the comments of our Tripreports you can see that we are reaching that goal.

Last but not least, we are the only air travel blog in the world answering all questions we receive regarding a flight we have been on.



Do you include a tripreport in the process of deciding which airline to choose for your next trip?

Source: Survey conducted by ourselves with viewers ; (n=102) ; surveymonkey.com ; Only with viewers of tripreports on Youtube ; August 2015


As I have already mentioned, one of our goals is to publish Tripreports of as many different airlines as possible. But since our budget is limited we are not able to work towards that goal without collaborating with airlines. A collaboration with us is simple: You give us a flight ticket to whatever destination, on whatever airplane and in whatever booking class you want to promote. For instance, a short-haul flight followed by a transfer at your hub on to a long-haul flight in two different booking classes on the outbound and the inbound trip gives us the opportunity to promote both short- and long-haul Economy and Business Class.

We take over the costs for hotel stays, food, literally everything else. All we need is a round trip ticket for one or more flights with your airline.

Afterwards we will publish a Tripreport on our YouTube channel. On request, you can also view the video upon publication and suggest changes.


It’s easy, simple and cheap. All you need to do is provide us with a roundtrip ticket on your airline and we will publish a Tripreport of the journey which will be watched by tens of thousands of people.

People can identify advertisments on the internet within seconds because it is lacking authenticity. We porvide this authenticity along with a huge audience that includes frequent travellers, travel experts and aviation enthusiasts. Furthermore our videos often show up on the top of the feed if you search for an airline on YouTube.