ANA First Class Squares - Boeing 777-300ER

8 June 2017 / Simon Sjöberg

A few month ago I got once again the oppirtonity to fly with ANA in first class on board there Boeing 777-300ER out from Tokyo Haneda. I have had one earlier experience with ANA first class so my expectation was set really high for todays flight to London Heathrow. 

My flight was scheduled to depart at 11:40 am so I arrived about 2 hours before depature to the airport check in. I had the day before arrived from Beijing so I had one night in Tokyo before heading back to Europe again, at this time I needed to check in two bags.

I told the lady behind the counter I wanted one bag checked to London only and the other one to Brussels (I had also one night layover in London for a dinner). The staff was very professional and double at least triple checked with me that they checked the right bag to the right destination. 

After the boarding passes was printed I headed to the security and passport control. Not like when flying with Lufthansa (Where the staff escort you to the lounge from check in) ANA does not give you any directions or faster process more then the normal fast track security. However I have been at this airport numerous times I easy found my way to the first class lounge also called "ANA Suite Lounge".

A warm welcome by the reception desk and escorted to a seating area and a champagne glas 

A warm welcome by the reception desk and escorted to a seating area and a champagne glas 

I sat down in the lounge for about an hour before I headed to today's departure gate 111. On my way down I got some japanese souveners for my younger sisters, most containing the theme Pokemon if you know what I mean ;)

Boarding area where First Class was well designated to board.

Boarding area where First Class was well designated to board.

Exaclly 11:10 am the boarding started. With a *Ding Dong* sound and the entire gate staff bowing (normal procedure in Japan) they welcomed first class passenger, that was me and another guy. Boarding was done with to jet bridges, one for first class only going to door nr 1 and the other one to door nr 2 for Business/Premium Economy/Economy.

I Got a warm welcome by the door by the purser of the flight who showed me to my seat 1K. She told me that today's flight time will be 12 hours and 45 minutes but we will land on-time in London so no worries.

First Class seat

Seat comfort is pretty decent in both upright and lounge position while in bedmode it's amazing! ANA makes the bed with a thick foam mattress and also some great pillows that forms around your neck while lying down on it making it one of the most comfy beds in the air. However one bad thing with the suite is that the view from window seats is close to zero due to the suites design. You can't look out by any mean and that for me is bad.

However you don't need to worry for options to store your belongings since this suite comes equip with a large storage in every single area they might have some spare space to use it.

First Class Menu 

ANA offers like all other airlines a eat on demand option for it's first class customers. This mean that whenever you feel you'r hungry or so you just order from the menu and they prepare the food within 15-20 minutes. 


Food and drinks

A great appitizer with caviar on the side was followed by a fresh sallad and the best meat I ever had on a plane. The Akita beef comes from black cattle bred in the Akita prefecture where there is an abundance of rice for the cows to feed on, superior version of wagyu but still same quality as Kobe beef. The meat itself is so tender that i could cut it with the butter knife. 

To finish off with a tiramisu cake that just completed the circle of the greatest on board meal I ever had.

After all this food it was time to sleep, as mentioned obove where the seat in bed mode is amazing with it's foam mattress. I got a total of 5 hours sleep

The bed!

The bed!

Rest of the flight was just spent to watch a movie and also got some work done before arriving 20 minutes early to London Heathrow. Not much more to say about the arrival service since there is no meet and greet service provided I head over to the main building in Terminal 2 and picked up my bag that was first onto the belt.


There is no argue that ANA is truly a 5-star airline. The service provided on board the plane is by far the best you can get and on top off that fly with them in first class makes is even better. The crew is so friendly and the strict and gentle service makes you feel like a king (or a queen).

One downside is that the ground service lack some part is you compaire to other airlines, but you easy forget that after a flight like this. I hope to get on board a flight with ANA soon again. And I also recommend that you do the same, if not in first class try the business class.