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After clearing security control I just turned right and went up an escalator. Here I was, the entrance to ANA’s Business Class lounge. I was greeted with a bow by ANA’s always-so-friendly staff. After showing my ticket I was granted access to the lounge.

The lounge and the welcome desk were connected by a long hallway. ANA’s cooperation with Lucasfilm was visible at every corner, including in that hallway. Rare figures and models from the Star Wars series were displayed there, which was pretty cool (and unique)! Other Star Wars models could also be found next to the information desk.

Star Wars figures could be found throughout the lounge!

The main area of the lounge was huge. There was a buffet area, an information desk, a huge seating area, a smoker’s lounge and some phone booths. The seating area was divided into different spaces. There were regular tables for meeting up, chatting, working or eating, also there was an area for chilling. Power outlets could be found throughout the lounge and there were many of them! The power outlets are made for Japanese devices though you could borrow an adapter at the welcome desk.

The keys for the shower rooms were also available at the welcome desk. The shower rooms were modern and featured a radio alarm with a digital watch (Very useful! You always knew the time…), a typical Japanese high-tech toilet, the shower and a sink. Additionally ANA provided all important amenities such as razors, tooth brushes, tooth pastes, combs, a hair dryer and more. I enjoyed the stay there, I think there was even an under-floor heating system but I am not quite sure anymore. The time for the use of the shower rooms was limited, unfortunately, I think it was 30 minutes.

The food at the lounge was superb! I have never been to a Business Class Lounge with such high-level catering. There were many diverse meals and snacks available. Small snacks included sandwiches (they were really tiny (1x1 inch I guess) and packed in plastic foil), yogurts, crackers, cookies, cakes and even little pieced of Swiss chocolate. Furthermore there was a variety of sushi available, warm rice, Japanese curry, stir-fried noodles, fried chicken with potatoes and miso soup. If that wasn’t enough, there was also a noodles bar where you could order six different noodle bowls. Japanese noodle bowls are impeccable! I decided not to eat one of them at the lounge because I was expecting to eat quite a lot on the airplane. This proved to be the right decision, but more on that in my soon-to-be-published flight review!


ANA’s Business Class Lounge was fantastic. Especially the catering was very well done. The view was awesome as well and the staff was incredible as always with ANA. The Star Wars figures that were displayed throughout the lounge gave it an extra special touch. What I disliked is that there was just one buffet which got quite crowded at some point because the lounge itself was huge (I estimate it providing space for at least 400 people and it felt like there were 400 people even though the number of guests was probably in the 200s). But I have to say that by just judging the lounge I would recommend ANA’s Business Class instantly! More on the flight itself in my upcoming flight review!