What is Simply Aviation?

Simply Aviation is an air travel video blog we, David, Felix and Simon, have been working on for almost three years now. Our goal is to show as many different airline products as possible. That's why we rarely take direct flights and in general use every possibility to try a new airline. We are getting closer and closer to becoming the airtravel blog with the most airlines reviewed.


Why do you travel so much?

This blog is run by three people, so what you see is the combined travel of three persons. We travel for business, for leisure or to visit friends. Since our goal is to review as many different airlines as possible we rarely take direct flights so that we can try the highest number of airlines. After all we also enjoy traveling by plane, so we do it as often as possible. We have a more detailed explanation in this video.


Can you fly with/to ... ?

Have you checked our airlines database yet? Take a look if the airline you're suggesting is already in there! It is difficult for us to try new destinations and certain routes because we don't need to visit all cities around the planet. We also prefer trying new airlines over flying with an airline we have already reviewed to a new destination. A small number of countries are also on our no-visit list for a variety of reasons, e.g. Yemen.


Why don't you talk in your Tripreports?

We want a Tripreport to be about the flight itself and we want you to feel like you experience it yourself. That's why we want the original sound in the video. By adding a voice-over or music we would alter that experience. If you want to watch videos in which we talk, check out our vlogs!


Do advertise products of other companies on your channel?

We do work with airlines, airports and other aviation-related companies. A few times already airlines have given us flight tickets or upgrades to be able to show their products in a Tripreport. Those airlines include but are not limited to All Nippon Airways, Iberia, Brussels Airlines, Condor and some more. It is important to notice that all opinions expressed are our own. We refuse to advertise products we can't try or we don't like. As of August 2018 we have never received money from a company to advertise a product, only flight tickets were given to us. If a video was created in collaboration with a company it is always disclosed in the description of the video. For further questions, contact us.


Do you earn money with your work?

Yes. But the money we earn will be reinvested in our blog, e.g. to cover the costs of the website server, new equipment, flight tickets, airport transfers or seat reservations for our flights to provide the best possible window view.


How can you afford to travel that much?

We generally stay at low-cost hotels, use public transportation to get to or from airports and we save a lot of money on plane tickets. We do not yet have published a video about how we book our tickets. A lot of our tickets were booked using various techniques such as "hidden city booking", "fuel dumping", "error fare scouting" or "dead head bookings". We also very flexible on flight times and flight days, travel mostly off-season and mostly in Economy Class. We use almost all available OTAs and flight search engines, in addition to that we also use point's and credit cards to minimise our travel costs. 


Can you fly First Class?

Only if you provide the ticket. (Just kidding) We can't afford that and unless we coincidentally find a super-cheap offer we won't.


What equipment do you use?

You can see a detailled list of our equipment here.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact us. We try to answer each and every enquiry!